Psychologists at Walk Different offer a number of services to suit your unique needs.

We have a number of psychologists who walk with you and specialise in various areas of psychology such as anxiety counselling, depression counselling, anger management, relationship counselling, family therapy or couples counselling just to name a few. To find out more about the presentations we work with click here or get in touch

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There are a number of ways to access face to face sessions with our psychologists. 


We specialise in treatment in the outdoors for those who need an alternative to office based treatment. To access Medicare rebates we need to confirm that you need treatment in an outdoor environment. You will be provided further information about this before your session.

How many sessions can I get under Medicare?

Medicare allows you to claim up to 10 sessions per calendar year under a Mental Health Care Plan. A gap of $55 is payable for each session with a Walk Different Psychologist.
Clients accessing gap paying service will be charged the full amount, where the Medicare rebate is reimbursed into your account within 24-48 hours.
If you meet the below criteria, you will qualify for a fully bulk billed service meaning you will not be required to pay the gap of $55.00:
  • You are currently receiving Centrelink payments and can provide a concession card at your first session.
  • You are a full time student or child under the age of 18.
  • You are a senior and can provide a seniors card at your first session.


What Mental Health issues can be treated under Medicare?

A number of clinically diagnosable disorders are covered under Medicare's Better Access Initiative. A disorder is a condition which has a significant impact on a person's emotions, thoughts, social skills and decision-making. Medicare rebates apply to people with mental disorders arising from:


  1. See your GP to obtain a Mental Health Care Plan and ask GP to note "Walk Different" on the plan
  2. Ensure that outdoor based treatment is what you need 
  3. Book your session


We know the process of seeing your doctor can be confusing so we have put together a confidential and easy online form to help get the process started with your GP.
Click below to answer some questions about how you're feeling and a copy will be sent to your email which you can then print and take to your GP.


Walk Different psychologists provide privately paid walk & talk sessions. This means you do not need a referral! It also means that there are not restrictions to the access of our services, You can see our psychologists in relation to any issues such as depression counselling, family therapy, relationship counselling, anxiety treatment or stress management just to name a few! 


 How much is a session? 

You have two options when booking a private session:


$140.00 for 60 minutes OR $70 for 30 minutes (power session)

If you have a health fund, you may be able to claim a reimbursement of some/all of this fee depending on your cover. Please check with your health insurer if you are unsure what they cover. 


  1. Choose the location you would like
  2. Find our who you would prefer to see (meet our psychologists)
  3. Book your session! Either phone (02) 4244 7054 or book online


Walk Different provides Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to a number of Organisations. This means that you are able to access our servies 


What is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Access to the Employee Assistance Program allows you to speak to an external provider and privately discuss any work or personal issues.

What can I use EAP for?

EAP can be used for so many different issues. Not feeling like yourself and like something is off can be enough at times. We can have a chat and identify exactly what's going on together! Some examples are listed here.


 Does my employer use Walk Different as an EAP Provider? 

To find out if Walk Different is an EAP Provider at your work, get in touch with your manager or get in touch with us and we will be able to inform you if we have a working relationship with your employer.​


  1. If required, speak to your Manager/HR Consultant
  2. Decide if you would like to complete a phone session or face to face session
  3. If required, choose the location you would like
  4. Find our who you would prefer to see (meet our psychologists)
  5. Book your session! Either phone (02) 4244 7054 or book online.
Don't forget to mention your Employer's name to ensure that you are not charged for the session at the time of booking.

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