Walk Different provides Medicare supported walk & talk pregnancy counselling sessions.

 What is pregnancy support counselling? 

Pregnancy support counselling offered by psychologists is supportive, non-judgmental, confidential and unbiased. Your psychologist is trained to support you through pregnancy-related issues, and to provide information about the options and services relevant to your pregnancy concerns.
Psychologists who provide pregnancy support counselling are specifically trained in:
  • Non-directive counselling skills
  • Pregnancy-related counselling issues
  • Pregnancy-related information resources

 Am I eligible to receive pregnancy support counselling? 

Pregnancy support counselling through the Medicare scheme is available for females with a current or recent pregnancy (within the last 12 months) who have any concerns, such as decisions about the future, adjustment following the pregnancy, or general issues related to a pregnancy. Partners can also attend the counselling session, if appropriate.

 How do I organise to receive pregnancy support counselling? 

A referral to this service results from a GP assessing that a female has concerns that would benefit from sessions with a psychologist who is eligible to provide pregnancy support counselling services. The referral may consist of a letter or note to the psychologist. Please note that GPs are not required to use a specific form or plan. 

 When is pregnancy support counselling helpful? 

Females find pregnancy support counselling helpful for a number of pregnancy-related issues, such as:
  • Making decisions and exploring possible options about her pregnancy
  • Coming to terms with unexpected outcomes (e.g., stillbirth, miscarriage, genetic conditions, problems at birth, cot death)
  • Dealing with a variety of feelings related to her pregnancy, birth or early months of being a parent
  • Discussing her pregnancy with others (e.g., partner, children, parents, religious or cultural groups)

 What is the difference between the pregnancy support counselling item and getting a Mental Health Care Plan? 

There are important differences between pregnancy support counselling and mental health psychological services under Medicare.
  • The pregnancy support counselling referral is not specifically for a mental health disorder, but can be for parenting, health or relationship concerns.
  • The pregnancy support counselling rebate only covers 3 30-minute sessions, although you may continue working with the psychologist as a private patient, or be referred again under another appropriate initiative.
Specifically, females who use the pregnancy counseling services can also receive a rebate for psychological services under Medicare for mental health disorders or chronic diseases, following a GP referral and care plan.
Pregnancy support counselling may also help a female identify issues for which she may need help from professionals other than a psychologist. For example, it might be identified that the female needs to see medical, social services, legal or financial professionals to address concerns about pregnancy care, living arrangements, leaving/returning to work, childcare arrangements, or finances. The psychologist may help you develop strategies or identify services to access relevant supports.

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