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Laura explains her favourite part of the role

"I feel so lucky and grateful to be able to support, coach, and facilitate my clients through difficulties in their lives and taking action to make changes. I believe it is a privilege to do my job!"

Laura can help with the following 

Note: Laura sees children aged 13 onwards

OTHER: Health Coaching, weight loss, problem gambling, relationship difficulties, chronic pain 


What disorders do you specialise in?


"I have frequently worked with anxiety disorders, anger management, depression, substance use disorders, problem gambling, problematic health and wellbeing behaviours, insomnia, attachment issues, and relationship difficulties. I also have a wealth of experience in working with young people."


What about your training sets you apart from the rest? 

"I have completed training in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy skills, Cognitive-Deconstruction Therapy, Applied Behavioural Analysis Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Solution-focused Therapy, and Psycho-therapy (including Gestalt therapy and The Hakomi Method). I have run group therapy and psycho-education groups for school-aged young people. I have extensive experience with Mindfulness Meditation and are passionate about using mindfulness in Psychology alongside traditional evidence-based therapies. I am also a trained Wellness Coach."   

Laura talks about her experience here:

"I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney, and my Masters of Professional Psychology at Wollongong University. I have worked with a diverse group of adults and adolescents in private practice, using an eclectic mix of therapies. 


I bring valuable experience from working as a school psychologist in an independent high school for disadvantaged adolescents who suffer from trauma and associated difficulties, and I have also worked in a drug and alcohol day rehabilitation program for young adults. 


I have gained further invaluable experience working in community health with ATSI young adults, and I have specialised experience from the University of Sydney, in treating problem gambling.


I also come from an extensive background of working with the body and mind through wellness coaching and physical training, working specifically with water phobias and anxiety through therapeutic movement in the water."

What do you love about being outside?


"I particularly love being close to the ocean and being away from the buzz of city life - it is a lovely opportunity to connect with nature and to be reminded of the easy pleasures of the sun on your face and sand under your feet!"

 What is your favourite quote or mantra? 


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