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​Featured in March 2018 issue of Women's Fitness

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Tree Change

December 31, 2017

Featured in January 2018 issue of Women's Fitness

​Wash away stress with the power of nature. To read more click here

September 20, 2017

Featured in the Parents Guide

I think most of us parents have been there... Seeing our child go into a huge destructive meltdown as they become overwhelmed by their emotions. When it's bad, people and possessions can get hurt...

Helen Booth, a local registered Psychologist from Walk Different, has top tips for parents which she would love to share.

September 09, 2017

Featured in the Daily Telegraph

PSYCHOLOGIST Maz Miller used to prescribe fresh air and exercise to her patients all the time, until one day she got tired of talking about it.

Frustrated with the limitations of her office, she got up mid-session and took her client out for a walk.


“I could tell there was something different,” she says.

Featured in Fox Sport documentary

Walk Different is proud to be part of the 'Once Upon a Sport: Where sport begins' documentary which will air on Fox Sports on Monday 1st and Monday 8th May! The documentary gives insight into NSW Sports High Schools and the ways students are supported in their sporting journeys.

Featured in the Leader

Check out this article that includes our Psychologist,Bianca, being interviewed by the Leader for World Mental Health Day today!

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