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What a beautiful location to pick for your walk and talk experience! Cronulla is located in southern Sydney, only a 50 minute train ride from Central Station! Cronulla is surrounded by beautiful beaches, rock pools and seaside cafes along the esplanade. For this exact reason, we have chosen the Cronulla as one of our locations to practice walk and talk services in the Sutherland Shire.
When attending your walk and talk session, you have the option to kick off your shoes and walk barefoot on the beach or leave them on and take the ocean track pathway, you will also be walking on Sydney's longest stretch of sand! We have chosen a location just north of the main beach with easy parking and plenty of seating areas for those who prefer to sit and chat.
Cronulla is filled with vibrant cafes and beachfront restaurants so you can come for your session, then spend the rest of the day checking out what this gorgeous city has to offer! 
Our Sutherland Sire Psychologists are down to earth, easy going and can assist with depressionanxietyanger managementcouples counselling and family therapy, just to name a few. They will make you feel at ease in your first session and allow you to dictate the pace; of the walk and the session! We have a number of Sutherland Shire Psychologists specialising in walk and talk therapy, offering an alternate approach to the traditional office setting. If you are someone who has tried office based therapy before and it didn't work, or if those small rooms make you feel as uncomfortable as they sometimes look, then our Cronulla based Psychologists are for you!


There are a number of reasons why people choose to book in with one of our Cronulla Psychologists. At times, a friend or person close to them recommends our service as
they may have had some experience with our Psychologists. At other times, they may have heard about us and know that we might be the right fit! As Walk Different offers an alternative to the clinical office and a more relaxed approach to get professional help, we are often told that sitting down in an office was not suited for our client and that they needed something more natural.
We completely understand this. After all, when we reach out to friends for a catch up or to talk some things over, it is very unlikely that we would be meeting them in a room with a pen and paper! So why should therapy be any different? We do want to assure you that while we are very down to earth and while our services are more relaxed, you can count on receiving the same professional treatment and therapy that you would come across in an office. We have just changed our delivery slightly because we know that this works better. And the views are not too bad either!
Another reason why clients choose a Walk Different Psychologist is because they are brave enough to admit to themselves that they don't feel like they know they should and that something might be wrong after all. They may have googled service after service only to feel like they don't quiet fit into those boxes or like the thought of sitting across from someone with a pen and paper is very daunting! Can't disagree there! 
Walk Different services offer that something different, less intimidating and we acknowledge just how much strength it takes to reach out. We make sure that you are comfortable with the process of seeing a Walk Different Psychologist right from the start! We are also aware that not all personalities get along, so if you see one of our Sutherland Shire Psychologists and this is the case, you are welcome to let us know and choose another psychologist for your next session. All of our psychologists agree that this is part of the process and as the sessions are yours, we want you to get the most out of them!

 What do our Sutherland Shire Psychologists specialise in?

Our Cronulla Psychologists come with their own special skill sets, experience and area of interest. Below is a little bit of information about each one of them.
Bianca has frequently worked with depression, anxiety and addiction presentations however, she is interested and open to working with a diverse range of presentations. She has completed a Bachelor of Psychology Degree (Honours) and a Postgraduate Diploma of Professional Psychology (PDPP) at the University of Wollongong. Within a Private Practice setting she has provided evidence based counselling interventions to clients from diverse cultural backgrounds ranging in age from early childhood to late adulthood and facing a range of issues and barriers. She has also facilitated psycho-educational groups, provided individualised counselling and case management to dual diagnosis clients within a rehabilitation setting.
​You can read more about Bianca here

Laura has frequently worked with anxiety disorders, anger management, depression, substance use disorders, problem gambling, problematic health and wellbeing behaviours, insomnia, attachment issues, and relationship difficulties. She also has a wealth of experience in working with young people. Laura completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney, and her Masters of Professional Psychology at Wollongong University. She has worked with a diverse group of adults and adolescents in private practice, using an eclectic mix of therapies. She brings valuable experience from working as a school psychologist in an independent high school for disadvantaged adolescents who suffer from trauma and associated difficulties, and has also worked in a drug and alcohol day rehabilitation program for young adults. Laura has gained further invaluable experience working in community health with ATSI young adults, and has specialised experience from the University of Sydney, in treating problem gambling. She also comes from an extensive background of working with the body and mind through wellness coaching and physical training, working specifically with water phobias and anxiety through therapeutic movement in the water.
You can read more about Laura here
Monique specialises in Trauma (PTSD), Grief and loss, stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, anger management , drug and alcohol counselling and academic or work pressures. Monique is a fully registered Psychologist in NSW, a registered Medicare provider, an Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Association and a Professional Member of the Blue Knot Foundation (formerly known as Adults Surviving Childhood Abuse (ASCA)). She studied her 4-year undergraduate at Wollongong University where she obtained a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and completed a fifth year of study at Macquarie University where she obtained a Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology. She has also been fortunate to gain a wealth of experience in the community sector for the past 8 years where she worked in the drug and alcohol/dual diagnosis sector at rehabilitation services in the Illawarra and North Sydney regions, as well as 2 years in Nepean/Blue Mountains area working in adolescent mental health. She has also had the wonderful opportunity to work overseas in India where she mentored young Australians as they worked with local women and children to improve their lives via social business projects. She works with a variety of clients and concerns. Her current area of interest is working with the individual's mind-body connection in order to heal, grow and reconnect to a meaningful life.
You can read more about Monique here
A final thought about our Sutherland Shire Psychologists is that they come with a wealth of experience and areas of expertise. If for whatever reason you are unsure of who would be most suited to you, give our friendly staff a call on (02) 4244 7054 and they will be able to point you in the right direction! 



Below you will find a map of where you meet your psychologist in Cronulla, but don't stress, they will give you a call the day before your session just to introduce themselves and to let you know exactly where you will find them! They will also remind you of any documents that you will need to bring along to the session, but most of all, they will make you feel at ease about the exciting journey you are about to go on!


Here's our top 3 cafe's to visit in walking distance 

Grind Espresso 
4/15 Surf Rd, Cronulla
Alley Break
4/2-6 Kingsway, Cronulla
Ham, Harry & Mario
3/17 Gerrale St, Cronulla
If you are still not ready to make a booking that's okay too! Feel free to read some of the helpful articles on our blog, inform yourself about what you might be going through or get in touch if there is any other questions that we haven't answered.




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