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 Claire explains her favourite part of the role 

"It's incredibly inspiring to watch the courage, hope and growth of the people that I work with.
I learn something new from each person, young and old, and I feel so humbled to be able to do this work. It's an honour and great privilege to share in another person's story. "

Claire can help with the following 

Note: Claire sees children from the age of 5


What do you love about being outside?


"I find there's something so grounding and calming about being outdoors, especially being near the ocean or in amongst the trees. It's easy to forget about this beautiful part of the world we live in when we are going about our busy lives. Taking the time to be outside and appreciating our surroundings can be both energising and healing."

What disorders do you specialise in?

"Depression, anxiety, grief and loss, relationship issues, stress management, separation anxiety, and working with children."

What about your training that may set you apart from the rest? 

"I have a keen interest in ACT and mindfulness, and in sensorimotor and physiological approaches to therapy. I have attended a number of training sessions in ACT and mindfulness, and more recently in body based and sensory work.

I have attended training in child led play therapy, systemic and family therapy, and skills for relationships.

I have a passion for working with grief and loss, and have attended training and conferences in this area."

Claire talks about her experience here:

​"My experience across a variety of different settings and roles has given me a broad range of skills to work with and support people of all ages and from all walks of life. Some of these include homelessness and housing, mental health outreach and intensive support, research, victims of crime, phone based counselling, family and relationship counselling, group work, and most recently school counselling.

I apply an integrated range of skills and therapeutic approaches, mainly drawing from CBT, ACT, family systems, mindfulness, attachment, strengths based and and solution focused therapies.

I enjoy working with children and young people, and helping individuals and families be the best that they can be."

 What is your favourite quote or mantra?


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