19 Nov 2016

You know the festive season is upon us when the Christmas trees, Santa and his reindeers decorate the stores, and the TV commercials and our letter boxes are full of junk-mail catalogue sales. Some of us more organised or carefree souls look forward to the shopping and preparations, while many more will approach the holiday with fears of all the interference, extra effort and money it’s expected to unleash. We’re told “it’s th...

5 Apr 2016

So I am writing this post for the second time now. Fancy that; one wrong click and the post titled "expect the unexpected" gets deleted instead of posted! Ahhh life! Someone is having a good laugh at my expense. So let's do this again!

You wake up one morning, feeling good, keen to tackle the day ahead, everything seems to be going your way and then BAAAAM! There it is! Whether it's an injury, loss of job, a bad mark, grief or...

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How a psychologist can help you live your best life

July 12, 2018

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