17 Dec 2015

Ever found yourself going over your next exercise plan, diet recipes or “new you” preparation and thinking “Yep totally doing this, looks great, starting tomorrow!” Then tomorrow comes and nothing happens.. Why? Well usually you are too exhausted from all that planning, so you might need another week just to let the plan settle and sink in right? Then that week goes by and the enthusiasm, the plan, it all seems silly now. Well...

17 Jul 2015

Ever woken up in the morning, had an image of the workout ahead of you and thought: "S***"! Join the club! This does not mean you are not committed enough, fresh enough or fit enough, this simply means that you are human. We know that your brain is designed to seek pleasure and avoid pain and discomfort. Hence the "S***" reaction! If it was up to your instincts you would sleep, eat and stay in your comfort zone! After all that...

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How a psychologist can help you live your best life

July 12, 2018

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