We are psychologists who had an office once. While working in that office we loved what we did. We took pride in getting the most out of our clients and as such looked beyond traditional treatment techniques. We would often incorporate suggestions around the outdoors and exercise to improve our clients' mood. 


We loved our office too. We loved the view of the mountains and had beautiful paintings of the beach, trees and skies on our walls. We also brought a dog to our office. The clients loved him! We could see why. There was something about him, everyone seemed at ease when he was around. Nonetheless something was missing. Something was bugging us. Something had to be done different. And one day it was!


One of our psychologists was working with a client suffering from anxiety and depression. They spent the last session talking about the benefits of being outside and walking. The client seemed excited and motivated to start the change of lifestyle and take a walk. It also seemed that making the first step alone was daunting and motivation dropped by the next session. That's when the psychologist got out of her chair and said "Get up, we are going for a walk right now!". 


The client was a little shocked but she got up and off they went. They walked on the main road just outside the office, stopped at the local part and took it all in. As the session ended the psychologist could already tell that this was exactly what was missing. She then trialled this approach with other clients and the results were unbelievable. It finally made sense! The mountains, the fresh air, the dog, the movement, it was all working! In no time we moved from the office to the outdoors and combined all the things we love and know work. We started a movement. Literally! 


We actually care

Because that's who we are, not what we are supposed to do.

Our glass is half full

Because we practice what we preach and walk our talk, literally.

We love a challenge

Because limits are nonexistent in our vocabulary. 

We have a laugh

Because we love what we do and find enjoyment in all that is.

We are humble

Because we never stop learning, growing and staying open.




© 2015 by Walk Different


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